About the test...

“Everybody thinks the test will be hideous,” Nancy U. said.“The last 30 seconds is hard.The rest of it is pretty easy.  The bottom line is the test is more informative than getting a new equipment.  This made a difference in how I used the equipment” - Albany Times Union

About the Results...

"It's not easy enough to increase pure aerobic efficiency, and not hard enough to properly train lactate threshold or anaerobic power.  Success in competition requires disciplined training. Having fun and feeling good for the serious competitor is winning races and training is a means to that end, not an end in itself.
So for the next few months we'll be putting in that long slow distance on our indoor trainers, envious of all our friends doing hour-long skate skiing sessions to exhaustion and trying to take comfort in the knowledge that we'll be dropping them on App Gap again this summer; even for those of us who found out that our "engine" makes us closer to a Ford Escort than a Ferrari." - Chris H. - Times Argus

The Information...

"I didn’t know how fit I was. I had very little to go on except how I felt," Janet said. "The testing enabled me to see exactly where I was — how I compared to the general population and how I compared to my own perception of my fitness. It gave me something concrete to enhance my training and plot a course for me so I was no longer shooting darts in the dark." - Burlington Free Press

The Impact...

"Thank you so much for working with me and helping me understand my body more.  By implementing the zones into my training I was able to become faster and more effecient.  I just completed the VCM 1/2 marathon and beat my PR by 14 mins!  Thank you for everything."  Meg - Essex Junction, VT

The Relationship...


"I have had Joey do all of my testing over the last few years and he definitely know what he's doing. In the last 3 years he has helped me get my VO2 max up almost 15 points.  Results are guaranteed if you follow his direction!  I just competed in my first USA Cycling National event and there is now way I would have even been able to attempt this with out his help and the information he has given me through testing." Bart L - Marblehead, MA


The Relationship...


I had my first VO2max metabolic testing session with Joey Adams in January 2009 and have 


been a dedicated client since. As a competitive bike racer, I wanted to enhance my training 


by better understanding the physiological adaptations required to improve one’s performance 


as an endurance athlete. Using Joey’s testing data and advice, my eyes were opened to a 


new landscape of training methodologies and performance benchmarking. Supported by the 


science based training applied by Joey, I was able to achieve a major goal by winning a regional 


cycling championship for the 2011 season. I became so much a believer in the benefits of 


Joey’s testing techniques and guidance; in 2013 I became a certified cycling coach myself. I 


would wholeheartedly recommend to any endurance athlete wishing to bring their game to a 


new level, they make Joey an integral part of their overall training regimen.Brian M. Boston, MA