About Joey Adams, M.S. 


Joey Adams is a thirty year veteran of the health and fitness industry and has been a Master Instructor for indoor cycling for fifteen of those years. He holds a Bachelor’s in Physical Education, a Master’s in Exercise Science, and a Post-Bacculaureate in Education. He is an elementary educator at the Shelburne Community School and owner of Intelligent Fitness, a business that assesses and coaches human performance. Joey specializes in making the science cycling and fitness accessible and applicable to the individual to help them unlock their full potential by getting their performance on target and making the most of their time! He is a Spinning® Master Instructor and a Power Specialist Master Instructor for the Spinpower™ program. He gleefully resides in Shelburne and stays in shape living the Vegan lifestyle and causing mischief with his two curious children and spouse.


He founded Intelligent Fitness in 2005 to make the science of exercise accessible and understandable to everyone.  He wanted to take the myths out of exercise by making it simple to understand so individuals could stop the higher, harder, faster mantra which often leads to burnout and/or injury.  He believes in personalized service to help anyone with a fitness goal reach it safely and efficiently.  


These metabolic tests were previously available only at a university or medical facility.  Nearly a decade later he's still one of the few mobile metabolic units in North America. 


"It's time to make your effort count.  You bought the shoes, you bought the equipment...now invest in something that makes it all matter!"