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Intelligent Fitness Customers and Athletes,

Due to COVID 19 all testing at this point is cancelled due to multiple insurmountable safety complexities.  Until the time that testing can be done safely it is best that athletes pursue calculated zones based upon field benchmarks as a basis for their training plans.

Intelligent Fitness was founded in 2006 as a way of helping all types of athletes reach their individual goals.  Thanks to you that mission has been accomplished.  When I opened this chapter of my life I anticipated (like so many fitness trends I managed and experienced in 20+ years of working in and managing health clubs) metabolic testing would come and go and would be a trend that might last a few years.  More than a decade later I found myself still at it and meeting many incredible people along the way.  

In that time my family grew up with this business and supported me every step of the way.  Thus, it is time to support them and reach for some of my personal goals.  

It has been a pleasure working with so many of you, seeing you flourish and even hearing the impact our work had together years down the road.

Yet, all roads lead someplace else - and life is opening new chapters.  It is time for a break! COVID 19 is part of the necessity.

I will not be checking or responding to e-mails or voicemails during this time.

I wish you all the very best on your life's adventures and I wish you and yours safety.

Wishing you miles of safe smiles and I'll see you outside, inside or down the road.

With gratitude,



"I believe that we all have to make the most of our lives and in pursuit of our fitness goals.  By using metabolic assessments, Intelligent Fitness can help individuals make the most of their time by aligning their fitness goals with their unique physiology.  You bought the equipment, now it is time to dial in your training based upon YOU. You are more than a calculated training range or a pre-determined fitness calculation, it is time to dial in your training. Start today towards a new you!"


Miles of Smiles, Joey Adams, M.S.

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